Drought? Not in Highland Park

Another apparent water main break (at least two reported in the past week) goes unattended-while we went for an evening run, coming and going nary a DWP employee to be seen as untold gallons flooding 53rd at York go down the drain

Artist Greg Maigetter, On the Road

HIghland Park, Street Art Ground Zero

Pastey Whyte- His show as “Edsy” Opens 21 June, Goldhaus Gallery

On the remaining edgy- edge of Highland Park in Los Angeles, a gallery devoted to street art re-emerges

HUMSE- Highly Mobile Sunglass Entrepeneur, Highland Park

For NYC, New Mayor+Top Cop = Song Remains the Same

Street Crimes Pot Bust, the Bronx c.2004 photo: Howie Stier

Apparently in the aftermath of the lengthy reign of Rudi and the little plutocrat there was hope for change in New York City, that the new administration would roll back the policing policies that targeted minorities and the poor, killed unarmed citizens, that liquidated Occupy, that was proven time and again to violate the constitutional rights of New Yorkers as in Bloomberg’s 2004 assault on Republican National Convention protestors. A study released today proves that hope was just as misguided as a nation’s misled Shepard Fairey branded hopes for the presidential election of 2008 .
“In the first four months of 2014 the NYPD under Mayor de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bratton arrested an average of 80 people a day for possessing small amounts of marijuana” says pot-bust researcher Harry Levine, who notably unearthed arrest data that proved low level arrests targeted minorities and have no effect on deterring real crime. Levine’s new study continues “This is virtually the same as the NYPD’s average of 78 marijuana possession arrests a day in all of 2013 under Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Kelly.”
Detailed in the study are a breakdown of arrests by precinct, making clear that under de Blasio- and Bratton redux- nothing has changed. And after taking in a sampling below, you can catch the entire report here.

“… in Manhattan police made a total of 8 possession arrests in the Upper East Side (Pct. 19) and 8 in the Upper West Side (Pct. 20). But in East New York in Brooklyn (Pct. 75), police made 500 possession arrests, and in Morris Heights in the Bronx (Pct. 44), police made 392 such arrests. The NYPD also made 371 lowest-level marijuana arrests in Washington Heights (Pct. 33) which is more marijuana possession arrests than in 20 other precincts throughout the city combined. Thus far in 2014, the policing of marijuana possession remains concentrated in just one of what Mayor de Blasio has called “the two New Yorks.”


The tattoo flash art of C.H. Fellowes, c.1898, honoring the unlucky USS Maine commanded by Captain Charles Sigsbee

C.H. Fellowes, Master Tattooer, c.1898-flash art depicting the defeat of the Spanish fleet commanded by Rear Admiral Pascual Cervera y Topete

The flash art- display samples that tattoo customers choose from- of C.H. Fellowes, Master Tattooer c. 1898

Memorial Day Buzz

Our hangover was hammered at this morning by an unnerving, low flying formation of WWII fighter bombers. Indeed, we get the Memorial Day tribute thing, but these P-47 Thunderbolts buzzing our East Los Angeles neighborhood again and again (pretty sure a damned
B-17 was up there but lost in the glare too)- that deep throttled engine drone overhead as we stumbled for coffee on a sleepin’ city sidewalk Monday morning coming down was not welcome. And as we noted nary a hipster at our corner café looking up from their arrayed screens to take note, was this planet polluting display anything but self indulgence for another entitled consumer sub-culture, vintage plane enthusiasts? Unlike the rumble of old school Chicano low riders, the 55 Chevys cruising the block in Highland Park quaintly evoking a bygone era, that sound of the dilettante- flown warplanes, supercharged cylinders (the fastest production prop driven planes developed during the war churned out so fast they passed on paint jobs, flashing silver raw metal across axis skies) evokes the US bombing of civilians across Europe’s cities, and the American policy preventing a single such sortie from flying over a Nazi death camp.
And we can’t help thinking how a little bit of flak in the air above LA, some great black bomb burst of anti-aircraft canon fire, would knock the nostalgia out of these damned hobby pilots.