Marilyn and JFK Reappear in LA

An LA gallery will exhibit what is purported to be the only extant photo of Marilyn Monroe with President John Kennedy. The show, which opens June 1st -Marilyn’s birthday- also features pics shot moments after her performance at JFK’s 45th birthday celebration.

The image depicting JFK and Robert Kennedy from behind with Marilyn between the brothers in severe profile was taken by JFK’s personal photographer,
Cecil Stoughton, on May 19, 1962 and given the circumstances, he certainly could have gotten a better shot. That is unless there was some reason JFK didn’t want to be photographed with the star. We hear there are conspiratorial notions surrounding the subject.

“This is the only existing photo of Marilyn Monroe with either Kennedy Brother, since the
others were confiscated by the Secret Service and the FBI” says gallerist Keya Morgan of Keya Gallery, in a press release.

Within 9 weeks after the photograph was taken Marilyn was found dead.

During the exhibition that opens June 1, 2010 (Marilyn Monroe’s birthday), Art & Artifact
in collaboration with Keya Gallery/Keya Morgan Collection, will showcase The Secret Photograph in 30”x 30” silver gelatin fiber print, limited edition of 10, plus a series of 10 
separate limited edition, silver gelatin photographs, 11x14, taken by acclaimed
photographer Irving Steinberg of Marilyn backstage at Madison Square Garden in all her glory… only moments after her stunning performance at JFK’s 45th birthday celebration.

Among these images is an incredibly revealing shot of Marilyn, fully showcasing the gown, additional shots of her in the limousine as she departed the venue and finally,
a beautiful close-up of Ms. Monroe that quintessentially captures all that was magical about this 20th-Century goddess.

Art & Artifact: The Photographic Art Center
410 N. La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, Ca 90048