LAPD Confronts Anarcho Cyclists

A Friday night ride brought cyclists into a confrontation with cops along Hollywood Boulevard, near Highland as best we can make out from this video posted on cycling scene site Midnight Ridazz. Holding promise for a truce during the popular monthly Critical Mass rides, Police Chief Charlie Beck announced a policy to better train LAPD officers on the rights of cyclists. Apparently this one officer missed the briefing; at the 26 second mark a bike patrol officer in shorts and cycling helmet throws a snap kick at a passing rider.

When cameraman Manny Gallegos shouts at the bike officer, uniformed LAPD cops begin to tune him up, slamming the videographer to the pavement where he can be heard sincerely asking “what did I do?”  The ride which was LA’s contribution to a national event whose theme was to protest oil spill experts BP began at West Hollywood gas station. Police escorted the riders and there were no conftontations LAPD until the estimated 200 cyclists hit Hollywood.

We’re not certain this is any worse than what went down last week, when LegmanLA music editor Chris Namon tried to drag us out for a ride that went wrong. When the pack on TRWNN( The Ride With No Name) headed into South Los Angeles into the warehouse district below Vernon, indigenous gangsters weren’t happy about it. A melee ensued after a bike was taken, homey caught a bat to the head and shots were fired while the ghetto bird (an A-Star Eurocopter utilized by Air Support Division, LAPD) hovered overhead. That led to an Olympic sprint north, and we missed it all.